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Officers for 2017 – 2018

Co-Presidents:   Debi Breit-Adams & Mary Jane Ryan.

Mary Jane Ryan and Debi Brett Adams
Co-presidents for 2017-2018

Program VP:    Madge Nichols
Membership VP:  Sharon Nerone
Secretary:  June Reed & Nancy Cole
Financial Officer: Nancy Mahosky




















Three members of our branch, Nancy Cole, Nancy Noll, and Jean Macaluso, attended the state convention at Tannersville, PA.  In this beautiful and picturesque Pocono Mountain setting, meetings were held continually throughout the week-end.  A total of 72 members attended, and it was reported that there are 40 branches in the state, 2161 members, 1302 from PA who are national members only, 47 College/University Partners, and 10 student organizations.

Women’s Leadership in Action was the theme of the conference with emphasis on Changing the Climate for Women and Girls in Board Rooms, on College Campuses, and in Politics.  Break-out sessions delved into topics of Maintaining Archives, Marketing Your Branch, Barriers and Bias, AAUW Student Organizations and Student Affiliates, Title IX, and Get Out and Vote.  Specific information from these sessions that can be useful to committee chairpersons will be shared at our next board meeting.

HIGHLIGHTS:        AAUW is dedicated to making sure that women are registered to vote and have the information needed to cast their ballots.  The AAUW Action Fund produces voter education materials and believes that when women vote, they change the whole conversation.

Most people think that Title IX refers only to athletics, but it means much more. Title IX of the Educational Amendments is a major tool in the battle to make sure that sex discrimination is not a barrier to educational opportunities. The speaker stressed that every school district must have a compliance officer, but many do not fully understand the law.

Marketing Your Branch is an item of great interest across the country, and AAUW encourages all branches to be detailed in their promotions and public relations by describing who we are and what we do for our community.

AAUW publications such as The Simple Truth About the Gender Gap, Solving the Equations, and more reveal the results of our research and have been quoted by the media when looking for analyses for their stories.  This information has appeared in more than 1500 stories across the U S and in more than 270 news broadcasts in 2016 thus far.

This is a cursory overview of a very informative conference that enlightened us about the work that AAUW performs and made us realize that we are a part of it.  Never should we question the value of our dues because, for example, to listen to testimony of one who was discriminated in the workplace because of gender bias and to know that our Legal Advocacy Fund supported her to fight it, reassures us that AAUW is working in behalf of all women so that we can have better lives.  Our fight continues for Pay Equity.

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