STEM – Girls’ Recognition Night

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, AAUW Beaver Valley Branch has cancelled Girls’ Recognition Night for the 2021 school year. We do feel it is important to recognize the 8th grade girls who have studied in this unique learning situation. We therefore will have Girls’ Recognition. Each girl will be recognized with a certificate, her name will be posted on the AAUW web site and in the paper. Girls’ Recognition Night

Girls’ Recognition Night is a program that recognizes eighth grade girls from Beaver County middle schools who have an exceptional interest in the fields of math and science. The girls are selected by their math and science teachers for their enthusiasm and talent in science and math, components of the STEM subjects. The girls are recognized with a certificate and an essay written by their teachers.

AAUW asks every science and math teacher from each school district in Beaver County to select two of their female students in their classes to be recognized at this event.  They were asked to choose students with:

1.) An exceptional interest or passion for math or science.

2.) A potential for growth in the subject area

3.) Class participation, effort, enthusiasm, grades, in-class projects, & problem-solving ability.

We believe that teachers, advisors, role models and parents can favorably affect the attitudes of young women and persuade them that they are every bit as qualified as young men to pursue math and science careers.  Being praised for their interest and performance and being shown that there are indeed many female achievers in technical and non-traditional fields can make a great difference to a young woman in deciding which courses to take in high school and college. 

The following girls have been nominated by their science and math teachers for their exceptional interest and achievement in the field of math and science:

Honorees in mathematics:

Ambridge Area Junior High School: Madelyn Palmer

Beaver Area Middle School: Samantha Springman

Beaver County Christian School: Jordan Lunow

Big Beaver Falls Middle School: Sydney Nightingale

Central Valley Middle School: Mia Dinello

Central Valley Middle School: Paige Phillips

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School: Kaitlyn Zele

Midland Middle School; Zoe Hutchins

Midland Middle School: Alyna Lavelle

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School: Isabella Cutruzzula

Riverside Middle School: Alexandra Sharer:

Saint Monica Catholic Academy: Maria Callaghan

South Side Area Middle School: Katie Wright

Western Beaver Junior/Senior High School: Ashlee Wolfe

Honorees in science:

Ambridge Area Junior High School: Sheridan Olenic

Beaver County Christian School: Sofia Rodriguez

Big Beaver Falls Middle School: Isabella Lucci

Central Valley Middle School: Mia Dinello

Central Valley Middle School: Paige Phillips

Midland Middle School: Samille Dascoli

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School: Jaylee Allioth

Riverside Middle School: Olivia Pettner

Rochester Area Middle School: Vonyea Jackson

Saint Monica Catholic Academy: Emily Barrett

Western Beaver Junior/Senior High School: Julia Seaman

We would like to extend our special thanks to the math and science teachers in Beaver County.