Welcome to the Beaver Valley, PA Branch of AAUW!

MISSION STATEMENT |  AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research.

VISION STATEMENT |  AAUW will be a powerful advocate and visible leader in equity and education through research, philanthropy, and measurable change in critical areas impacting the lives of women and girls.

DIVERSITY STATEMENT |  In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership.  There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or class.

AAUW has been named a 4-Star Charity three years in a row by Charity Navigator–America’s largest and most used rating agency.  Only 10% of charities evaluated are awarded this rating.  This means AAUW efficiently applies our generous donations to efforts that achieve our mission—advancing equity for women and girls.


AAUW Policy revised(2016)



Seven Springs Resort      



Co-President’s Report on the State Convention
AAUW-PA. 89th Annual Meeting

The annual state convention was held the weekend of April13-15, 2018 at
Seven Springs.
I, along with Debi Breit- Adams, Pam Powers, Jean Macaluso and Dorothy
Holtzman attended.
None of us brought the parkas or hiking shoes,which would have been a
welcome addition for our weekend excursion.

Kim Churches,CEO of AAUW, was the Friday night dinner speaker. She spoke
about her vision for the future of AAUW, urging us to build our memberships
and create a welcoming climate for all women.

After setting our compasses, we set off in search of our morning sessions.
Dorothy and I attended an informative program on Hate Crimes and Prevention,
which presented a thematic approach to branch public policy programming. As
hate crimes encompass not only race, but exploitation, religion, ethnicity,
domestic violence and sex, the emphasis was on empowering women in a climate
of hate  and the impact of hate on the human body.

Pam and Debi attended a panel discussion about Michael Eric Dyson’s book,
“Tears We Cannot Stop”, which stresses the author’s experience of being
black in America. The session encouraged a coalition between AAUW and racial

A business meeting followed, at which Ann Peale was elected president and
Lee Wolfe, program vice-president.
Dues have been increased for the first time since 1997 .
The updated branch handbook 3rd edition 2018, can be found on the
state website.
21 amendments were passed and changes made to the existing bylaws
There will be one state meeting per year
Conventions will be held during even years and the July retreat
will be held in odd years
Public policy and bylaws will be addressed in April meetings
Election of officers, when there is no April convention, will be
done by paper ballot, online,
Or be voting in branch, certifying and sending
the vote in

Marjorie Fox, District Attorney of Chester County, spoke about the
difficulties for women attempting to break into the “men’s club” of
politics, citing that PA and Mississippi rank lowest for women in politics
as there is no recruitment and there are no role models.

Retracing the trail we had blazed, we had lunch, reset our compasses and
went off in search of our afternoon sessions.

Dorothy and Jean attended the session on Closing the Gender Gap. Nothing new
here. Women still make 80 cents to every dollar for men and in PA the number
remains at 79cents.We rank 29 th among all the states and D.C., having
fallen from last years ranking of 27th.

Dorothy attended a session on student loan solutions. College students are
facing a 135 percent increase in the cost of attendance since 1976, while
there has been only a 12 percent increase in household incomes since 1976.
Credit card companies are seeking students, who are vulnerable prey.

Debi, Jean and I attended a the session on building global citizens, where a
6 point quiz determined how little we know about what is happening globally.
We learned about “Great Decisions”, the world’s largest discussion program
on foreign affairs, to foster conversations about international issues.

The AAUW Student Advisory Council on Intersectional Feminism included a
student panel which touched on how race, sexism, homophobia,etc. are viewed
and treated on  college campuses and what colleges are doing to combat these

The awards dinner saw our Debi Brett-Adams awarded an Outstanding Woman
Award. The dinner speaker, Susan Freitsche, spoke about her work on the
Women’s Law Project, a group which fights for issues affecting the rights of
women in the areas of legal status,health and economic security.

Jean Macaluso won a fund raising basket which she has graciously donated to
our kitchen tour raffle room.

Sunday morning breakfast was followed by a session on gerrymandering,
presented by Barbara Price and Ann Peale. It stressed PA’s weakness in how
lines are drawn, which causes us to have weak or no challenge to an
incumbent. A statewide public mapping competition was introduced to engage
citizens in fixing the bug in the operating system of democracy.

Following the installation of officers, we broke into district meetings and
then branch officers met with their counterparts to exchange ideas.
The AAUW PA retreat will be held in July 2019
April 2020  -AAUW PA Convention
June 2020 AAUW National Convention

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Jane Ryan
Co-President AAUW, Beaver Valley Branch P.S. I tried, but
with five people covering a weekend of jam-packed sessions, this was as
condensed as I could get it!!!