Strategic Plan 2023-28

AAUW Beaver Valley Branch

Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Approved by AAUW Beaver Valley Board on August 21, 2023



GOAL 1: Champion equal access in education.

· Increase success for girls in STEM through improvement of and access to learning environments.

· Support educational pathways for women and girls, with increased focus for women and girls of color.

GOAL 2: Ensure education at every level is free from sex discrimination.

· Advocate for compliance with Title IX and other civil rights laws in Pennsylvania and in our area.



GOAL: Shrink the gender pay gaps.

· Champion pay equity federally and in our state and our area.

· Explore the possibility of providing salary negotiation programs for employees and tools for employers.



GOAL: Expand number of women in leadership, particularly in STEM.

· Encourage early and midcareer women to pursue leadership pathways.

· Showcase the impact of leadership development for advancing women, particularly women of color.

· Advocate for leadership transparency & change in education and nonprofit sectors.



GOAL: Implement continuous improvement and best practices in governance, inclusion and organizational functioning.

· Embody the goals and spirit of equity, inclusion, diversity and intersectionality across all AAUW-Beaver Valley activities and participants. Conduct a review of AAUW-Beaver Valleys work to ensure inclusion and equity and review the effects of structural racism in all our work.

· Continue to modernize AAUW-Beaver Valley’s communication technology.


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