Our Standing Committee and Interest Groups

Standing Committee Chairs

Membership * Jodean Brooks, Mary Beth Quinn

VP Program * Sharon Nerone

Educational Fund/Kitchen Tour *Jean Macaluso, Vickie Scott

Nominating Committee  Jean  Macaluso, Jodean Brooks, Mary Beth Quinn

 Community *Jodean Brooks/*Joann Lecrone   

Public Policy *Deb Newton

Education Lead * Rose Homish

Public Information *Mary Ann Bolland     

Communication: Monthly Mailing: *Kim Litz  (temporarily)

Yearbook *Pam Powers                                                         

Website/Social/Media *Lea Kretchmar, Dupree Solutions

Circulation & Calling *Mary Beth Quinn 

Hospitality *Frances Pickard   Barb Crishi

By-Laws/Policies/ Parliamentary Advisors *Vickie Scott

AAUW Fund * Andrea Challis         

College & University Memberships *Jodean Brooks

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — open —

Scholarship *Jean Macaluso, Pam Powers

Effie Solomon Scholarship *Bonnie Reyes, Mara Murray 

Wellness & Friendship *Patty Rock, Mary DeSanzo   


Interest Group Chairs

Antiques – Jackie Heaney, Ginger Muns

Cultural Events –

Femmes du Jour –Jean Macaluso

Gardening –Deb Newton

Investment Group – Debbie Mangelli

Literature I – Linda Lobozzo

Literature II – Beth Buttermore

Literature III – Susan Huntsman

Movie Group – Jodean Brooks, Pam Powers